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A vocational trade school may be just what you need to take the next step in your professional career.

 Training Concepts 
provides professional training courses designed to result in industry standardized certifications:  credentials that are accepted by employers anywhere in the world that industry is practiced. Scroll to the bottom for details about  our career programs!

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Interested in Information Technology?

The time to switch careers into Information Technology has never been better! Help us meet the soaring demand for technical professionals in as little as 180 daysClick here to read about how IT is still great for career changers, even amid COVID-19. Not sure about IT? Here are some quick facts:


IT salaries are higher than the average U.S. wage


Median annual wage for a computer support specialist


Upward IT jobs forecast from 2020 to 2030

Do I need a degree?

The short answer is NO! Information Technology is commonly misconceived as being an industry locked behind the gates of universities. You don't even need experience to begin your career transition. All you need to get started in IT are relevant, up to date certifications that are recognized industry-wide. Remember, in IT, certifications get you employed and degrees get you promoted!

What's included?

100% Hands on, instructor-led training with real-world experts
Books and labs included; no extra out-of-pocket fees
Use exam vouchers to take your certification exams
On site testing center and practice exams
Access to our Prefer to Hire employment package

Why Choose Training Concepts?

100% Instructor - Led Training

All of our courses at Training Concepts are taught by live expert instructors. Say goodbye to teaching yourself with grueling self-paced classes!

Total attendance flexibility

Attend class in person or virtually from your laptop, phone, or tablet.  Choose from our day or night offerings to better fit your existing schedule.

Best-in-Class Job Placement 

Don't sweat the interview - Training Concepts will endorse you as an ideal job candidate for the employer of your choice through our Prefer to Hire program.

Other than IT, which industries do you provide training for?

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
Human Resources Management
Project and Process Management
Business Operations Management
Medical Billing & Coding - NEW!
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